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The Book

Faith In Real LifeAs a Christian, you yearn for a faith that infects your whole life and reaches out to others. In Faith in Real Life, Mike Tatlock shares his own failures and life lessons to show you how your church can create a thriving community—one that reaches beyond its walls on Sunday morning to influence the whole world around you.

An effective new voice in the contemporary church movement shares important lessons from his failures and successes in building a community that reaches out with maximum impact within an emerging culture. Over the past decade, Mike Tatlock has been on a journey to examine the life of Jesus with a view to developing a church that truly makes a difference. His hard-won lessons have shaped a ministry philosophy that is connecting people in community to engage the world around them—from the living room to the coffee shop and beyond. His clear strategy intentionally connects people and provokes them to be about something bigger than themselves. It generates momentum in a culture where people long to be part of a cause that is bigger than being a member of a church. And it creates a network of lives bonded together through authentic relationships. Faith in Real Life is not a collection of theoretical how-to’s but, rather, an inspiring flight of discovery designed to help church leaders and their members take the risk to live fully, effectively, and engagingly as the body of Christ in this world.



What People Are Saying

“Just when we need it so badly, Faith in Real Life provides a new vision for a new church. Mike gives us a real pathway to shape churches that are intensely communal and truly missional.”
Bill Donahue (Willow Creek Community Church)