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There is no question that my view of Christ and His church was shaped by those who are living out their faith in radical ways. Throughout “Faith in Real Life” I had the opportunity to share stories and accounts that would illustrate faith intersecting with real life. Beyond the stories are real people doing great things and I would like to take the opportunity to connect you with their organizations with the hope that as you get to know them you would be as inspired as I am.

Africa New Life africanewlife.org
GraceChapel gracechapelonline.org
Luis Paau Association www.palau.org
Jake Schwein www.jakeschwein.com
Andy & Serenity Coloumbe mustardseedministries.wordpress.com
Season of Service www.seasonofservice.com

What People Are Saying

“Just when we need it so badly, Faith in Real Life provides a new vision for a new church. Mike gives us a real pathway to shape churches that are intensely communal and truly missional.”
Bill Donahue (Willow Creek Community Church)